Our Story


a brief background to why settled minds came to be…

Hi, I'm Emma,

I was first introduced to mindfulness by a friend and together we embarked upon an eight week mindfulness based course. At this time I was working as a nurse and mother to two boys. During the course I had several lightbulb moments, the teachings were leading me to reflect on my entire life, my childhood, my career, personal life and relationship with myself:

"If only I had the skills of mindfulness growing up" - I might not have felt so lonely; that there was 'something wrong with me' when my emotions were overwhelming and distressing. I may have had more fun.

"If only I had the skills of mindfulness as a Nurse" - I might have felt better equipped to cope with the stress of traumatic situations, conflicts with colleagues, the workload and communicate more effectively with my patients. Furthermore, cope with their distress with a more stable mindset, understand the importance of self care and ultimately notice the steady build up of the burnout and disheartenment I felt at such an early stage in my career. I may have enjoyed my time in Nursing more and been a more assertive and open minded practitioner.

"If only I had the skills of mindfulness as a new mother" - I might have been able to be more flexible and adapt to all the changes that occurred overnight, be confident in my decision making and been able to tame the inner critic that was constantly judging and criticising myself. I may have been able to enjoy the moments and viewed my mistakes as a learning curve and not become so self critical.

Needless to say I thoroughly loved the course and the roller coaster of awareness ! was on (and continue to ride to this day years later!). I left my nursing career and so began the idea of nurturing and building Settled Minds, a company which desires to teach anyone, of any age and make mindfulness teachings accessible to all. Facilitating individuals and groups through the teachings, developing a proactive approach to being responsible for your own emotional and physical health. Seeing for yourself how your life and those around you can benefit.

"I'll show you where to look, but I won't tell you what to see"

I have completed training with the Mindfulness Association, The Mindfulness In Schools Project and I am currently working on my dissertation for my MSc in Studies In Mindfulness with the University of Aberdeen. I adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness teachers in the UK and have regular supervision. 

I LOVE what I do!