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Mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness has an important role in developing your organisations policies, training and staff health and wellbeing initiatives.

The importance of employee engagement can't be oversimplified –research relating to mindfulness in the workplace has shown reductions in staff turnover, improvements in productivity and efficiency, increases in customer retention and profits. Most importantly, engaged and supported employees are happier, both professionally and in their personal lives.

Some of the main benefits to increasing mindfulness skills, techniques and culture in your workplace are:

  • improves abilities to sustain attention and working memory

  • reductions in stress and anxiety and depression

  • improves productivity levels

  • improves sleep

  • helps with chronic pain, IBS, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure

  • enhanced creativity

  • better manager - employee relationships

  • builds ability to deal with conflicts

  • creates a more positive working environment

  • reduces emotional reactivity

  • improves relationships with self and customers

  • improves immune system functioning

  • improves resilience skills

  • build empathy, kindness and compassion 

  • decreases burnout

  • increases happiness and life satisfaction levels

"Mindfulness makes us more focused, more effective, and happier, to name just a few benefits. So it's little wonder why today, in multinational corporations and small businesses alike, more and more people are meditating on the job." Gelles